How to Become Data Analyst Using Excel

Would you like to become a data analyst using Excel?

Do you know that with Data Analysis using Excel skills you can stay on top of your game as the digital skills is in-demand skills and the future of Data Analysis using Excel is increasing growing.

Data Analysis skills are increasingly in demand across huge range of industries.

Microsoft Excel is one of the top tools for data analysis and the build in pivot tables are one of the most popular analytic tools.

This article will educate you on how to become Data Analyst using Excel and how to identify the best Data Analysis using Excel training school in Abuja, Nigeria.

What Is Data Analysis?

You might be wondering what exactly is data Analysis, well this is the purpose of this article.

Data Analysis is the technique us in collecting, transforming and organizing data to make data driven decisions. Data analysis also helps to find possible solutions for business problems.

Data Analysis process comprises of Specification of Data Requirements, Data Gathering, Data Processing, Data Cleaning, Data Analysis and Data Communication.

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Excel for Data Analysis

Excel for Data Analysis is a tool that is convenient for data entry and for quickly manipulating rows and columns prior to statistical analysis.

Excel allows you examine and interpret data in variety of ways. Information could come from different places. A variety of formats and conversions are available for data.

Excel helps you analyze data and make better informed decisions. The formulas are also used to aggregate data to create meaningful reports.

Why Not enroll in our Practical Hands-on Data Analysis using Excel Training

Let’s delve into the of Benefits Data Analysis using Excel

Many Possibilities: There are several data analysis possibilities with excel. The built in Database engine can execute SQL queries on tables and live data sets and Power Query editor can fetch data from various data sources.

Data at your Fingertips:  Excel presents data as it is, at your fingertips. You can do whatever you want, save as many versions as you prefer and manipulate freely. The simplicity of Excel lowers entrance barrier and allows to quickly get started with data manipulation.

Data Visualization: Excel makes data visualization with chart easier and simple.

Simplicity: Excel makes it easier to analyze, explore and explain data.

Now let’s delve deeper to the criteria for identifying the best Excel for Data Analysis Training school in Abuja, Nigeria.

Why Not enroll in our Practical Hands-on Data Analysis using Excel Training

Any Excel for Data Analysis you are considering registering with should offer you the following:

  • Practical Hands- On Training: Any training school you want to train with should be able teach you more of practical and less theories. This will help boost retentive memory and facilitate your learning process.
  • Project Based Training: The training school should offer you project based learning, why student present real-life project before graduation. Students should be able to put to practice all that they have learnt.
  • A Trainer Is Assigned To You: Ensure that any training center you are registering with, assigns a trainer to you, the purpose is to encourage an interactive classroom. Mentorship and coaching are vital when it comes to learning.
  • Less Crowded Classroom: A quiet and safe environment is an ideal place for learning. Ensure that any training school you are about to enroll with offers you a less crowded and safe classroom.

Still don’t know the best school to enroll with?

Bizmarrow Technologies, for the past ten (10) years have been offering people like you the best exceptional training and learning experience.

Our training is unique, why? Because we offer our students:

Why Not enroll in our Practical Hands-on Data Analysis using Excel Training

Practical Hands-On Training:

Our training is more of practical, less theories, this helps you learn and grasp faster. The best way to learn data analysis using Excel is to get practical hands-on training.

Project-Based Training: Here at Bizmarrow, our training is exceptional as we ensure our trainees present a real-life project before graduation. We also ensure that our student put to practice all they have learnt.

A Trainer Is Assigned to You: Mentorship and coaching cannot be overemphasized when it comes to learning. The most effective way to learn Excel for Data Analysis is when a trainer is assigned to you, this will help encourage an interactive classroom, where student can ask question to gain clarity this will help facilitate your learning process especially for the slow learners.

Less Crowded Classroom: A quiet, safe and less crowded classroom is an ideal place for learning, that is why we prioritize your learning by offering nothing less or short of the above criteria. Our classroom is an ideal place for learning as our classrooms are less crowded, safe and away from work environment. Exciting Right?

So, what are you waiting for?

Take the bold step by registering and prepare yourself for the future.

Let go of every anxiety you are experiencing at the thought of taking a digital course and allow us help you start your career in tech.

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Why Not enroll in our Practical Hands-on Data Analysis using Excel Training

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