About Us

For over 10 years, we have seen that having data skills have become so important in this digital age where Data has become the new Gold.

Data school Abuja Nigeria is owned and managed by Bizmarrow Technologies. BiZmarrow Technologies is an ICT and computer training institute with a head office in Abuja Nigeria.

Data School Abuja Nigeria was established to provide practical hands-on training on all aspects of data. We train, mentor, and groom Data Analysts in Nigeria. From those looking for a lucrative career to those who need to change their career into data analytics.

Our Practical one-on-one personalized training has set us as one of the best Computer training institutes in Abuja Nigeria.

With our one and one practical training, every student must learn and practice before graduation.

Learning is Each Individual  Job – And He Can Only Do That Job If He Can Tie What He Learns To His Context of Background Knowledge, Skills and Interests –Ikechukwu Erowele

At Data school Abuja Nigeria, the student’s choice to learn is central to our approach: real personalized practical learning (as against just memorizing, going through training slides, or talking to the whole class of students without finding out the challenge each student is facing)

To engage the student’s interest, we take his full context into account: his background knowledge, his skill level, his values, and his interests.

We strongly believe that anybody can learn and acquire a new skill if attention is giving to their personal challenges –schooling, learning should not be a competition,

We are proud to say that we came into ICT and Computer Training in Abuja Nigeria to make a difference by tailoring each training to the student’s needs.

+234 (080) 8899-6437
Suite B106 Millennium Plaza opposite NNPC Towers, Herbert Macaulay Way Central Business District Abuja.