How To Become Data Analyst Using Power BI

Would you like to become data analyst using Power BI?

Are you fascinated about analyzing data from single or multiple sets?

Do you want to create your individual datasets based on these sources and transform your results into beautiful and easy to make visualization?

If your response is ‘Yes, then you should get trained in the best Microsoft Power Bi for Analysis training center in Abuja Nigeria and become data analyst using POWER BI.

What is BI using Data Analysis?

Microsoft Power BI is a set of software services, apps and connections that work together to disparate data sources into consistent, engaging and interactive analytics.

The data can be in form of an Excel spreadsheet or collection of cloud and on premises hybrid data storage.

Microsoft Business Intelligence (Power BI) delivers interactive data visualization, BI capabilities that allows users to see and share data and insights.

Microsoft Power BI provides insight data by using data interactively and exploring it by visualization.

Power BI transform your company’s data into rich visuals for you to collect and organize so you can focus on what matters to you, stay relevant and push your business.

Query: A data connection tool that allows users modify, integrate and improve data from many sources.

Power View: A data visualization application for creating interactive charts, graphs, maps, and other visual components.

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Benefits of Learning Data Analysis Using Power BI

  • Simplicity: Power BI makes it simple to connect to data sources, visualize and uncover what’s essential and share your findings with anyone you like. It is simple to use. 
  • Users can create personalized dashboards that combine on premises and cloud born data, allowing them to monitor their most important data enterprise and business apps.
  • Microsoft Power BI offers unique transition to real time analysis Power BI uses extensive capabilities of Direct Query, that allow the analysis of data from transaction databases in live mode.
  • Security and Privacy: Power BI offers high level of security, compliance, privacy, and transparency.
  • High Salary Rate: The pay range for people with the knowledge of Data Analysis using Power BI is high and attractive

Pre-Requisite for Learning Power BI

  • Working with Microsoft products such as excel is advantageous
  • Basic Computer Knowledge
  • Openness to learning and growth

Why Not register in our Practical Hands-on Data Analysis using Power BI Training

How to Identify the Best Power BI for Data Analysis Training School in Abuja, Nigeria

Less Crowded Classroom: A training school with less crowded classroom is an ideal classroom for learning.

Practical Hands-on Training: Any training school you are considering registering with should offer you practical hands training.

Your training should be more practical, less theories as this help aid your learning process.

Project Based Training: Ensure that any Data Analysis using Power BI training school you are enrolling with provides you a project -based learning.

By the end of your training, you should be able to present a real- life project before graduation.

A Trainer Is Assigned To you: Make sure that any digital training center you are registering with assigns a trainer to you as this will encourage an interactive class.

Now lets introduce you to the best Digital Training school In Nigeria where you can equip yourself with Power BI for Data Analysis skills.

Bizmarrow Technologies, for the past ten (10) years have been offering people like you the best exceptional training experience on how to become data analyst using Power BI.

Our training is unique, why? Because we offer our students:

Practical Hands-On Training

Project-Based Training

A Trainer Is Assigned to You

Less Crowded Classroom

Companies and businesses are looking for people with the knowledge of Data Analysis using Power BI to employ.

That is why becoming a data analyst using Power BI is a digital skill you should acquire.

So, what are you waiting for?

Make the right decision by equipping yourself with digital skills that will help you become data analyst using Power BI.

We can’t wait to have you!

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Why Not register in our Practical Hands-on Data Analysis using Power BI Training

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